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♪ ♪ for the first time ♪ yeah, for the first time ♪ yeah ♪ oh, these times are hard ♪ yeah,y're making us crazy ♪ ♪ don't give up on me, baby ♪ oh, these times are hard ♪ yeah, they're making us crazy ♪ ♪ don't give us on me, baby ♪ oh, these times are hard ♪ yeah, they're making us crazy ♪ ♪ don't give up on me, baby
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♪ oh, these times are hard ♪ yeah, they're making us crazy ♪ don't give up on me, baby ♪ >> a little music from the script on a rainy tuesday morning here in new york city. it is october 9th, 2012. a little more music from them tomorrow here on "today." one of our favorite bands around here out on the plaza. we're still spitting a little bit. i'm matt lauer. >> what about the weather? >> here with savannah guthrie and mr. al roker. >> good one, al. >> coming up. a lot of people don't believe whether it exists or not. well, one young man says he knows it's for real. we're talking about heaven. colton says he's been there during a near death experience. he wrote an extremely popular book about it. he's out with a new book.
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we'll catch up with colton and his parents in just a little while. >> all right. on a little bit of a health kick this morning. five simple habits that you can change to make you healthier, and then, of course, you may have heard the news out of hollywood about danny devito and rhea perlman breaking up after 30 years of marriage. that came as a surprise to a lot of folks. more on that coming up. >> all right. >> we'll start off the hour with what movies make you cry. i know the answer. >> you were with me. >> when i cried one time. >> sobbing over "the notebook." >> on a plane and got "the notebook" sitting next to him and all of a sudden just weeping. >> i thought you were going to say like "the bourne identity." >> "porky's." >> "animal house." >> embarrassing, a good one. >> "e.t. "celebrating their 30th anniversary as you just interviewed the man who played elliot. >> which movies actually make us
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cry, including donny deutsch, which i think was the -- >> "the hangover." >> exactly. >> lots to get to. let's go inside. natalie has a check of all the headlines. natalie. >> good morning, everyone. president obama campaigns in ohio today as he pushes forward on his fund-raising goal of $1 billion. on monday republican rival mitt romney drummed up support of virginia as two new national polls show a volatile race. in one romney leads the president by four points among likely voters, and in the or the president leads romney by five points. convicted child sexual abuser jerry sandusky receives his sentence today. the former penn state assistant football coach is expected to spend the rest of his life in prison. on the eve of his sentencing the 68-year-old released an audio recording from jail maintaining his innocence and blaming a massive conspiracy for the accusations against him. several of sdusk i's accusers are set to address the judge at this morning's hearing. the death toll in a national
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meningitis outbreak is rising. monday night a national hospital announced the death of a patient from the rare but lethal form of meningitis linked to steroid injections given for back pain. if confirmed by the cdc, it will bring the total toll to nine. health officials now say as many as 13,000 people may have been injected with those contaminated drugs. new hope for some 5 million americans suffering from alzheimer's as an experimental drug shows promise in slowing the disease's progression. and while the eli lilly drug is not a cure, researchers say it is the first time that any treatment has actually slowed dementia in affected patients. the mexican navy says it has captured a drug gang commander accused of new jersey rows high-profile crimes, including the possible murder of american tourist david hartley. it was two years ago when tiffany hartley last saw her husband david. they had gone jetskiing on a lake that borders mexico when david was shot and killed.
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>> i was going back two years ago and feeling the same emotions and wondering is this going to be -- is this going to be it? am i finally going to get what i've been looking for? >> reporter: tiffany says she was surprised by the news of the arrest of martinez, the so-called squirrel. she hopes the arrest leads to finding david's body. >> that's been our call ever since day one, you know, that david would be found and that his remains would be returned so we could, you know, honor him the way that he wanted to be, but as a family be able to find that closure. >> reporter: on monday the mexican navy announced that they had arrested the drug leaders known as the squirrel. he was captured in mexico this weekend after a shootout with authorities and is suspected of multiple murders in northern mexico. >> all we know is the mexico authorities have captured somebody, and they have him detained and who possibly had something to do with david's murder and also the other murders along the border.
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>> reporter: hartley says she has yet to hear from u.s. or mexican officials about the arrest. >> we always have to be hopeful and that this will move forward to him being prosecuted, or david's remains being found, finding some closure. there is comfort in that, knowing that david hasn't been forgotten. >> authorities also suspect martinez was behind the 2010 slaying of 72 migrants as well as other killings and prison breaks in northern mexico. 15 truckloads of trash have been removed from a las vegas home where health officials say they found the worst case of hoarding they have ever seen. they entered the house with a court warrant friday and discovered debris stacked to the ceiling along with about two dozen dead or sick cats. the owner had carved out a small space for himself on top of his belongings but was unable to even walk upright in that house. duchess kate middleton is stepping out in public in great
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britain for the first time since the scandal erupted over topless photos print in european magazines. kate and her husband prince william are touring the new national soccer center today. on monday they launched a new scholarship for disadvantaged law students. it is seven minutes past the hour. you're up to date and let's go over to al. >> thanks so much, natalie. let's see what we have for you starting with today. wet weather here in the northeast. that will be pulling off fairly soon. a frontal system is dropping down through the great lakes. that's bringing much cooler air and some snow showers in northern minnesota. beautiful day in the pacific northwest with temperatures upper 60s to low 70s. hit or miss showers or thundershowers down through southern florida. look for rain through the central great lakes, and the sunshine continues in the southwest. the high of about 95 in phoenix. that's what's going on aroun's >> rain showers 32 wind down across the metro area. high temperatures in the upper
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fifties to low 60s. a little bit warmer now it's time for today's "take 3" where we each give our take on stories that catch our attention. and we have invited mr. donny deutsch to join the gang today. hey, dony. >> nothing more exciting than "take 3." >> love your purple tie. >> love it. >> honestly, something about purpose. never gotten more comments. people love purple. it's a very interesting phenomenon. >> what did i tell you. prince sold a whole career on that concept. >> it's true. >> it's royalty. >> and you, too, are a handsome man. >> first up on our "take 3," sob fest. women love to have them. how many times do we like to pop in a good move to get a good cry, savannah? >> talking about this because
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henry thomas was on for "e.t." can i not watch it without crying. i enjoy the cry. i look forward to the cry. there are actually several crying scenes. >> there's like four. >> you have to be a strong human being to not cry at that, you know. >> how sweet. >> and so many other movies, i mean, you were talking about matt was "the notebook" and also a scene in that movie gets me every time. they are fighting in the rain, and he professes he'll love her forever no matter what, that there are going to be hard times. here it is. that movie is relentless, a tearjerker. >> any movie that gets to you? >> "field of dreams," to me dad, when you don't have a catch. so close with my dad. i want to ask the women. post-feminist revolution, we've come to what i call a little ways on the crying continuum. most women would like to see a guy sob up a little. >> yeah. >> a little, but not cry. would you want to be sitting next to a man in a movie and he's baweling. >> no.
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come a little way. >> i do like the little tear. >> but trying to hold it back, but just a little. >> you're misting up, like the movie "frequency" with dennis quaid. that is just a spectacular movie. >> that's a tearjerker. >> my tearjerker. talking over this hand radio, and i had just lost my dad, and it was just -- i mean, i -- i wasn't baweling, you know, another time, requests mrs. doubtfire," i was going through a divorce and sitting there with courtney and trying not to stop. it was difficult. >> but it was interesting, so women out there, men -- it's okay. a little but not a lot. >> i say go for it. >> if you're going to cry. >> pop it in every time like we do and have a cry. it's a good cleansing. >> what movie for your husband? >> talking about "e.t.," he does not like to watch that movie because he gets too emotional.
9:11 am
you know, so what. be ahead, be emotional. >> exactly. i like the seen from "terms of endearment." >> my second one. >> the little boy is in there holding back the tears. >> she's in there and demanding the medicine for her daughter, and she just goes nuts in the emergency room there. >> oh, my gosh. >> the little boy and the mother saying good-bye. this movie is definitely. >> a bowl of ice cream helps. >> let's move to our happy subjects, "cash cab," all seen the game show, a real cash cab. "las vegas review" reporting adam waldermaram, a cab driver, found a black laptop case filled with $221,000 plus in cash in his cab. >> only in vegas. >> he calls a buddy of his who has the cab before and said is this yours? >> the guy says no. >> so he turns it in to security. >> wow. >> and -- and he ends up getting a reward from the guy who left
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it in the cab on the way to the airport. this happens to donny all the time. >> here's what's interesting. i think people are basically honest, but i think honesty has a lot to do with need. i think a lot of people on this panel, if it was left there, we would return it. let's say all of a sudden you lost your job a year ago and your kids were hungry, would you return it? i think it's hard to say are we honest or not honest? >> this was an honest man. >> but i'm saying, i think a lot of us are honest, and all of a sudden depending on where you are in your life does the honesty piece move? >> here's an interesting question because the reward was $2,000, again, on a quarter of a million that was left in the cash cab, so was it enough of a reward? some people are like, come on. >> i would have been 25,000. >> 20%. >> but, you know, look. a reward is a reward. the guy -- i think the big thing, he didn't do it for a reward and he's $2,000 up. >> i want to ask you a question. are you an honest person? >> i hope so. >> would you have done that?
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>> i would like to think i would. >> if your kid are hungry and hadn't worked in a year and a half. >> it would be harder. but i actually do think people are fundamentally honest regardless of circumstances. >> all right. >> take 3. >> take 3, cardinal rule. hallmark is closing one of its kansas plant that made one-third of its greeting cards and 3,000 jobs lost and e-mail has really taken over so we're thinking about do you send a card? >> i hate getting e-mail invitations. >> oh, really. >> drives me nuts. >> that's how most people are doing it nowadays. >> in fact, we just had this happen. one of nicky's friend, an e-mailed birthday party invitation and we lost it and almost missed the party. another one, sent a real one, had it posted up on the bulletin board and there it is. >> more expensive though to do that. >> but a thank-you note, any sort of something like that i think is more important. >> when it comes to, for example, a death in the family and sending a card, would you send a card? >> absolutely.
9:14 am
>> send a card -- >> death in the family i call actually, but i also think this is one more example of the internet kills everything it touches. how many businesses, keep talking about the dark underbelly, whether it's music, we keep saying it's advancement. it kills industries. >> hopefully it creates new ones. >> not as much. >> think about when you get a nice handwritten thank-you notes. >> unfortunately, our kids are not going to do that. it is what it is. >> they will if we teach them. >> come back early and often, donny deutsch. thank you. coming up next, the kid who went to heaven and back and tells his amazing story about it right after this. if you think occasional irregularity is no big deal, think twice. it may be a sign that your digestive system could be working better. listen to this. with occasional irregularity, things your body doesn't use could be lingering in your system, causing discomfort. but activia has been shown in clinical studies to help with slow intestinal transit when consumed 3 times per day. 7 out of 10 doctors recommend activia.
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[ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios and then there's juicy chicken with hellmann's ♪ hellmann's is the secret to making parmesan crusted chicken... [ bell dings ] crispy so juicy so delicious it's your secret to making dinner disappear hellmann's. bring out the best . what is your idea? two years ago the book "heaven is for real" answered the question for some folks telling the true story of colin burpo's near-death experience and now the family is out with another book called "heaven changes everything." colton is here with his mom and
9:18 am
dad. welcome, guys. >> thank you. >> colton, you're in eighth grade. you followed up with a kids version. this is a devotional and meant to be read every day for folks or as much as possible. what is in this book that you found that i didn't put in the other two? >> well, in this new book we explain a little bit more of my experience to heaven, and also it talks about some of the experiences that we've had on the road sharing our story with people that have heard it, and it has changed their lives. >> and so what do you want people to get from this book? what's the goal here? >> well, heaven, it can change your life completely. >> mm-hmm. >> and there's nothing you can do about it. all you have to do is accept it. >> and is it in a sense, and i throw this out to you guys as well, i guess depending on who you are and what you worship heaven is a different thing. is it meant for people to draw from that experience from
9:19 am
what -- from where they come about the idea of heaven? >> i think, you know, for us, we can only share about what our son saw, what we saw and what we experienced, how god brought us through a really difficult time, and we've had many people ask us questions. if colton said is true what is do this mean and how does it affect your lives? people really need hope and heaven is really the only hope that lasts. >> but in a sense, so many people have found comfort in this story, but do you sometimes feel a little bit of a burden that people are looking to you for answers? >> i think we are -- it's kind of a challenge for us, but yet we've taken on what god has given us, and people are coming to us and that were also important towards jesus, and i think this is a comfort to know that there,isn't the end and that there's something beyond us and there's hope in heaven. >> todd, you're the pastor in town and still a volunteer fire
9:20 am
fighter, and sonia, of course, you work in a local real estate office. colton, you're in eighth grade now. you know, being that vocal about your faith, sometimes that -- that takes a certain amount of courage. do you find comfort in that faith that allows you to actually go out and in a sense preach this -- this gospel of heaven? >> well, i'm happy that, yeah, i have the courage so that i can share my story with other people so i can be able to see them in heaven with me. >> and what do you say to folks who say, you know, look, you've kind of in a sense turned this into a brand, like there's supposedly a move coming out. by the way, who do you want to play you? >> that is a hard question to answer, let me tell you. i keep telling him don't show them my picture, maybe that will help, i don't know. you see, people think that this is easy steps for us to take. well, we're used to small town in nebraska. we didn't write this to change our lives. we just wrote this to help other
9:21 am
people but people keep asking. we need more answers. we need more hope, and i think god has really put the wind underneath the cells of this, something that we never even thought would happen. >> well, it's obviously touched a whole lot of people, and we're looking forward to the followup. so good to see you. colton, sonia and sean, thank you so much. "heaven changes everything" out in bookstores now. >> thank you. coming up, five simple habits for a healthier you after these messages. the wheat in every mini-wheat has gotta be just right. perfect golden color. rich in fiber. my dad taught me, and i taught my son out there. morning, pa. wait... who's driving the...? ♪ 99 bushels of wheat on the farm, 99 bushels of wheat ♪ [ male announcer ] yep, there's 8 layers of whole grain fiber in those mini-wheats® biscuits... to help keep you full... ♪ 45 bushels of wheat ...all morning long. there's a big breakfast... [ mini ] yee haw! those fun little biscuits.
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>> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> we started with the rain, and now winding down. high temperatures will be on the cool side. a perfect is the low 60s. -- upper fifties to low 60's. 70 tomorrow, evening showers possible. 62 by thursday.
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david smallwood: maryland money needs to stay in maryland. it's just that simple, i mean, it's a no brainer. anncr: every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty... million at casinos in west virginia, delaware... and pennsylvania. one west virginia paper calls it a "cash cow" for them. but its cost maryland over one billion dollars. money that could have created good jobs and... better schools for us. question seven keeps maryland money in maryland. david smallwood: question seven, i think it will be a... good thing for the state of maryland.
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is there someone inside you? >> sometimes. >> is it captain howdie? >> i don't know. >> if i ask him to tell me, will you let him answer? >> no. >> why not? >> i'm afraid. >> still ranks among the scariest movies ever. "the exorcist" came out in 1973 starring oscar-nominated linda blair as a young child possessed by the devil. >> oh, there. >> come on, no, no, no, okey-dokey. >> come back. >> we're going to catch up with
9:31 am
linda. she barks and sleeps above the covers and find out what she's up to now. >> oh, boy. >> enough. >> if you're taking your child to an audition for that and they get that part, i mean, does that do something to you? >> that might have been controversial then. >> yeah. >> i've got to tell you, already told matt. dude, that's your interview because i'm too frayed to even interview her. >> hold on just a second. >> i can't stand -- i don't like scary movies anyway, but if you get satan involved in a scary movie really can't stand it. none of them. >> that period. "the omen" came out and so many others. oh, freaky. anyway. >> coming up tomorrow on "today" another installment of steals and deals. >> something happy. phew. >> something new entirely. >> deep discounts, especially on pea soup for "today" viewers. >> nice reference. >> meanwhile ahead in this half hour, we're still talking about
9:32 am
getting healthy, from scheduling your doctor's appointments to little things to how you brew your tea. easy habits that can really change to hopefully improve your health. >> and then they seemed like the most solid couple in hollywood. danny deveto and rhea perlman, getting news they are splitting up after 30 years of marriage. the latest on the breakup. >> and how to wear these fashions at any age as we take a look at the weather as we try to forget about "the exorcist." >> your weather, as far as today, wet weather here in the northeast. that will move out later this morning. expect a few snow showers northern minnesota. wet weather from chicago all the way on up into the central great lakes. beautiful day from texas into the southwest. hit or miss thunderstorms there tomorrow, but heat will continue there. mild and sunny in the pacific northwest and showers around the western great lakes into the mid-atlantic states. d-
9:33 am
>> waking up to the wet weather. most of that should clear out. mostly cloudy skies. >> and that is your latest weather. >> all right, al. thanks coming up next, five small changes that can have a big impact on your health, right after these messages. are working hard for you.n ouns and now it really shows. tadaa. there's a bathroom cleaner with color power technology from scrubbing bubbles. this powerful foam sprays on blue, and it cleans as it turns from blue to white. then all you have to do is wipe. scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaner with color power technology. we work hard.
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this morning on "go healthy today" getting into good habits. studies show that the smallest changes to your routine can have big payoffs. the contributing editor for "prevention" magazine joins us. good morning. >> good morning. >> you have a few tips for us on how to fine tune some of the already healthy habits people may have already. for example, before you hit the gym, what you eat, and you say to actually eat a meal but that's a low glycemic meal. >> exactly. small changes lead to better health. the gym, for example, is a great healthy habit, but you can make it better by picking the right foods before your workout, picking those low glycemic food, like high-fiber cereals and vegetables will help to burn fat and rev up your metabolism and prevent fluctuations in blood sugar. avoid refined carbohydrates and the sweetened drinks because those will totally block your fat-burning capability. >> so the good carbs.
9:38 am
>> exactly. >> and after a workout picking higher protein foods like yogurt, milk, nuts will help you boost the effects of your worko workout. >> schedule a colonoscopy in the morning. why is that? >> if you schedule it first thing in the morning, there's less physician fatigue in the morning and better polyp detection rates. bowel prep quality is usually better in the morning as well, and then another way of making it better is to ask for certain ways of taking your prep, do a split-dose prep or small dose at night. >> the stuff you have to drink beforehand to help you go. >> exactly. >> and another dose a few hours before your procedure or do a low-volume prep. >> okay. when should you start having colonoscopies, always a good reminder? >> always start at 50. usually that's a good line. >> okay. next, a lot of people swear by the 3:00 p.m. coffee to help perk them up, or even maybe taking a catnap. you say do a combination, so
9:39 am
you're saying drink a little coffee and then have as. >> reporter: >> completely counterintuitive, a caffein nap and it makes sense and here's why. caffein, if you drink it prior to your nap, takes about 20 minutes to get into your system and wake you back up, so when you wake up from that nap you've had a short nap and wake up feeling refreshed. if you nap longer than 20 minutes, you usually wake up feeling very groggy, so caffein naps are actually the best way to go. >> okay. going to do that this afternoon hopefully. now, if you do opt for tea instead of coffee, you say how you prepare your tea can also be more healthy. >> this is true, and i'm a huge tea lover, but even i forget to brew tea for longer than about five minutes. brewing tea for at least five minutes will really boost some of the health qualities of tea, like increasining flavanoids, a way to make tea a super food. unfortunately, they are adding milk to tea or a lot of sugar to tea will drop that super food
9:40 am
quality to tea. we know that for example tea has great health benefits and really preventing against cardiovascular disease but in britain where they add milk to tea we don't see that like here in the u.s. and the netherlands. >> let it steep for ten minute and at the lemon. >> exactly. >> don't brush your teeth immediately after meals. why is that? >> brushing is a healthy habit but here's what happens. when you brush immediately after a meal the acidic foods will soften the enamel. if you wait about an hour after eating then the saliva helps to harden that enamel and another quick trick is rinse your mouth with water or tea because that will cut down the acid and the germs in your mouth at that time. >> back to the tea, unsweetened tea. >> exactly. >> last tip is just mix things up a bit. so what does this do? do things a little bit differently. >> yes. mixing things up like walking backwards or brushing with the opposite hand or rearranging your furniture challenges the brain, and what we know is that
9:41 am
when you switch it up a little bit, then you really focus, the brain learns to focus better, and then if you have a difficult task to perform right after that, you usually perform it much better. >> don't try walking backwards throughout manhattan streets. >> exactly. >> or on a treadmill backwards or something. >> correct. >> doctor, great tips as always, thanks so much. >> thank you. coming up next, danny devito and rhea perlman call it quits. the details right after this. i'm done! "are you a cool mom?" i'm gonna find out. [ female announcer ] swiffer wetjet's pads are better than ever. now they have the scrubbing power of mr. clean magic eraser so you don't have to get down on your hands and knees to scrub away tough, dried-on stains. hey, do you guys think i'm "momtacular" or "momtrocious"? ♪ [ female announcer ] swiffer. now with the scrubbing power of mr. clean magic eraser. sure, bisquick makes delicious pancakes,
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now to news from hollywood. danny devito and rhea perlman are calling it quits after 30 years of marriage. nbc's mara schiavocampo hasmore on this. kind of sad. >> it is a sad story after being together so long. they met on broadway in 1970 and moved in together just two weeks later, and the rest was history. monday a rep for the couple said they are separating. the latest surprise in a series of celebrity splits this year. she was the wise-cracking cocktail waitress on "cheers." >> can i ask you a favor? >> what? >> reporter: he was "taxi's" nasty dispatcher. >> i've got to go home and change my sheets. but far from the gritty characters they played on screen, danny devito and rhea perlman had what seemed like a happy marriage for three decades. >> by all accounts their marriage was happy.
9:46 am
that's why this is such a surprise. married for 30 years, together for 40 years, and these are two people that were so in love they moved in together after just two weeks of dating, three children. everybody thought they were happy. >> reporter: more endearing in real life than the couple than they portrayed on "taxi." >> you seem a little testy tonight. >> reporter: they also starred together in the 1996 kids' movie "matilda" and in 2009 a live tour of devito owes fx show "it's always sunny in philadelphia. >> this is gladys. i know she looks a lot like rhea perlman but she's gladys. behind the cameras the two founded jersey films whose movies included "pulp fiction," "jersey state" and erin brockovich" and this split comes amid other partnerships like susan sarandon and tim robbins and al and tipper gore and after 40 years, why split now? >> people go through phases.
9:47 am
so a couple can be very happy at one point of their married life and then later down the road are not quite as happy. either they grow and change, and sometimes they grow together or apart. or the marriage goes through different phases, and they are feeling a sense of loss. the fact that they are funny people in real life, they are happy people, that always comes through no matter what they are playing. you're rooting for them. >> instead, another hollywood ending that no one saw coming. devito and perlman have three grown children. meanwhile, exact details on the split are scarce and the couple's rep says no further statements will be made. >> that's refreshing. don't have to get dragged through. >> this is a private matter. and up next hot trends on a budget, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:48 am
9:49 am
today's style is brought to you by dsw. it's where you get those shoes.
9:50 am
>> this morning on "today's style," how to wear one trend at any age for under $100. patrice williams is a fashion blogger. her website is called looking fly on a dime. patrice, good morning. >> good morning. >> good to have you. >> thanks. >> all about budgets and still looking good while doing it. these are trends you say any woman, any size can wear. >> any woman, any style, whatever her budget. is your style is never determined by your wallet and we'll show you how to do one trend. >> let's start off with sunny in, her 30s, means she has a little more license to go wild. >> this look is really about being fun and funky, and as you can see she's mixing the prints which is something that a lot of women are afraid to do, but it's so easy,'s especially when there's one color. >> the striped top with the print pants. >> some team are afraid of doing
9:51 am
stripes. vertical, lange and lean versus the horizontal wide stripes. >> and a very thin stripe. >> super figure flat sglerg and a that really completes it all. you look great. thanks. let's bring out patty now in her 40s and she's wearing the trend of an animal print cardigan that you're seeing everywhere. a little bit animal print goes a long way. >> it's been everywhere. easy way to make a statement without going overboard and animal print is really a neutral so it looks great with a little black dress which every woman has in her closet and this is a great professional look as well. making a statement again, but without being overboard and not professional. >> by the way, the price of the cardigan. >> lace than $25. >> a cute statement on a budget. >> great piece to have in your wardrobe. let's bring out patty who is in her 50s, and she's wearing two trends. the colors black and white. >> yes. >> but also this print. >> this is june and she's in black and white. a trend within a trend.
9:52 am
it's really chic, especially for a woman who doesn't want to do a really colorful print. she also has the red pop of color and all trying to find pieces that are figure-flattering. the ruching is great for figures. has a pop of color so she's not boring at all. >> thank you. looks great and lastly a lady who is representing those laidies in her 60s, hard to believe. lack at her accessories, you look great. >> all about the accessories. if you don't want to go to a head-to-toe look or with the garment, accessories are the easiest and quickest way to update your style. she has floral. the color is much more subdued with the scarf, fall appropriate and has the hounds tooth bag and that scarf is less than 15 bucks. >> tying all the colors together. common, pink, black and white. >> all complement each other so it's not too busy and
9:53 am
overwhelming. >> they look great, and all of these, by the way, under $100. >> under $100 for each trend. >> economizes well. big budget tip where you like to shop? >> i like vintage shopping, that takes a lot of patience but even with the major department stores, all about having patience, going in and having fun and you'll find some amazing bargains. >> really kind of knowing yourself, too, right? all of these ladies say they have just gorgeous, you know, sense of style. >> exactly. >> it's about bringing it out. >> knowing your figure and just because something is a trend, do what works for you and your style and your size, of course. >> great job. patrice williams, thank you so much. >> great job to you, ladies. thanks so much for being here. >> you all look amazing proving you can wear any trend, any age. >> any age. >> any size, all right. thanks, ladies. have a great day, everyone. hoda and kathie lee coming up next. bye.
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